From the streets to the classroom


Tommie Mabry  > Author, Chief Executive Officer, Teacher, Motivational Speaker

Tommie Mabry grew up in one of  Jackson, MS roughest neighborhoods. Trouble followed him everywhere before and after fifth grade when he was arrested for breaking into the state fairground. A judge once prophesized that in five years his attitude would either get him killed or incarcerated. Tommie sported permanent gold teeth and tattoos covered his body from the neck down since the age of 12. Things started to change for Tommie when he joined an AAU basketball team that traveled around world , although he was shot in the foot after skipping school during his senior year, God was merciful as Tommie healed and received a full basketball scholarship to Missouri State University.

Tommie later received a BA cum laude in education from Tougaloo where he was elected Mister Tougaloo College  in 2011, and received his MA in child development  in 2017.  After his undergraduate studies, he was hired as a teacher by the same Jackson Public School District that had suspended and expelled him many times during elementary and secondary education. Tommie was hired at Tougaloo College as the Director of Enrollment in 2016.  Tommie has also published two books “A Dark Journey to a Light Future,” and his second book, “If Tommie Can Do It, We Can Do It,” that targets all age groups . He travels the world sharing his story to motivate and inspire others – He lives by the motto, “I cannot walk in my future with my foot in my past.”

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